Car accidents the leading cause of high-severity workers’ comp claims

Car accidents the leading cause of high-severity workers’ comp claims

In an updated report from the National Council of Compensation Insurance (NCCI), car accidents were found to be the leading cause of high-severity workers’ compensation injuries. Even positions like clerical workers have experienced a rise in car accident-related traffic accidents.

Traffic accidents while on the job were attributed to distraction, speeding, and alcohol impairment.

NCCI found that traffic accidents were a large contributing factor to high-severity workers’ compensation cases in 2006. Their latest report which was updated this month found that, despite the link between workers’ comp rates and car accidents, traffic accidents as a whole have seen a decline since the study began. Interestingly, the study also concluded that traffic accidents in the workplace were in declination at times of recession.

Large trucks were found to carry the largest risk for workers’ compensation claims due to fatality rates, even though today rates are now very similar to vehicular fatalities. Large trucks, however, are more frequently used for work than passenger vehicles.

Insurance Journal added:

Claim characteristics are consistent with findings from the previous study—motor vehicle accidents are more severe than the average workers’ compensation claim; they impact a diverse range of occupations other than just truckers; top diagnoses include neck injuries; duration is more than a third longer; subrogation is significant, with traffic accident claims comprising more than half of all claims with subrogation; and attorney involvement is greater.

Distracted driving is the number one reason for car accidents, and continues to affect roadway safety.