Obesity ups the ante for worker’s comp claims

Obesity ups the ante for worker’s comp claims

Findings from a study by NCCI Holdings, Inc, a Florida-based workers compensation ratings and research organization, were released on Tuesday regarding the effects of obesity on workers compensation benefits.

The study shows that indemnity benefits paid to obese workers have at least a five-times longer duration than benefits paid to those who are not obese but filed similar claims.

Generally speaking, workers that are obese have longer claim durations than those who are not obese.

Claims from insurance companies in 40 states as of June 30, 2010 were used to evaluate the findings of this study.

Many controlled issues were taken into account during this study, such as primary ICD-9 code, injury year, the claimant’s state, industry, gender and age. The statistical analysis looked at claimants that had impediments that could be tied to obesity.

Obese workers, according to this study, file more claims, have higher medical costs and miss more days due to job-related injuries than workers that are not obese.

This study was similar to one conducted by Duke University Medical School in 2007.