“Jamie and Gabe have been right on top of their game.  They are proactive on claims management and continually push information to us before we even ask.  Keep up the good work!”

Peter Furman, Acorn Engineering Co. - Human Resources Manager


“These guys provide a level of service others only advertise – and they personally administer most of it as the brokers.  I rarely even speak to their account managers and assistants and I feel they are on call 24/7 as if they work directly for me.”

—Greg Carron, Rainbow Vending – Owner


“There is no aspect of insurance these guys don’t understand.  We call them with a variety of questions expanding well beyond the confines of normal insurance consultation and they usually have the answers, direct us to a fantastic partner or seek out a solution to fit our needs.”

— Linda Welker, Party Pals – Owner




“The depth of involvement these two agents bring to the table is beyond comprehension.  No rock is left unturned and they work for the clients 365 days a year.”

—Tiffany Clowdus




I have never seen insurance brokers personally involved in claim management.  They take it to a whole different level managing every aspect of a claim and holding all parties in the process accountable to deliver high quality service in a timely manner.”

—Ted Koerner, Owner – American Employers Defense





“They are well educated on current workers compensation legislation and the judicial decisions that create the fluid legal market of California.  They know how to construct a claim team that really understands the best exit strategy on complex claims.”

—Ralph Malmquist, Partner – Malmquist, Fields & Camastra